Jon Winkler

Hometown: Cape Girardeau
Nickname: Jonny Winks
Favorite KGMO Artists:
Favorite Movies:
Varsity Blues, Benchwarmers
Favorite TV Shows:
 Seinfeld, That 70s Show,  American Dad, 
Favorite Actor:
Morgan Freeman
Favorite Actress:
Mila Kunis
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Drink:  

Favorite Quote:  It’s about rules, and if there weren’t any rules we might as well be up in a tree flinging our crap at each other – Red Forman

Favorite Sports Team: St. Louis Blues, St. Louis Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys

Favorite Artist/Group: AC/DC

What song Describes You Best: Thunderstruck

My Name If I Was Famous:  Jon Winkler

I Got Into Radio Because:  I love sports and it’s led me to KGMO

What Did I Do Before I Got Into Radio: Figured out how to get into radio

The Worst Job I Ever Had I’ve Never had a job I’ve hated

If I Wasn’t Doing Radio…I’d Be: Trying to figure out how I’d get into radio

My Most Prized Possession:  Autographed Albert Pujols card
What do you like to do in your spare time
?: Watch any sport that is on TV or play video games, any kind of sport video games.

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