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This page exists to educate you about our program — what internships we offer, what requirements we have, what you might expect in an internship, and how to apply (we’ll even throw in a few helpful tips to make your application stand out!). First, we’ll look at some of the responsibilities and duties that will be expected from all interns.  Throughout the course of the internship, the intern will be asked to work with individuals from several departments within Wither’s Broadcasting, including promotions, sales, web, video, programming, and sports. The intern’s duties include preparing for and working at promotional events, and carrying out special projects.  Now for internship specific activities:

  • On-Air – Assists in audio production, On Air work (live and voice tracked),

  • Sports – Covers sporting events, researches, writes, and produces stories. Assists in production of play-by-play presentations (on site and in studio).

  • Promotions – Database building / maintenance, creating / developing promotional ideas, executing positive promotion of the radio station.

  • Sales – Working with the sales staff, learning how to sell radio advertising.

  • Video – Recording station events and sports events to be produced and archived online

  • Web – Creating and maintaining company website information

Applications should be received by the following deadlines to assure full consideration. Late applications will be considered for future terms. Dates listed subject to change.

Tip: Summer internships have the greatest number of applicants and, therefore, are toughest to obtain. Consider a fall, winter, or spring internship to increase your chances.

Interns are selected on the basis of professional potential. We look at our internship program as a developing ground for future employees. That’s not to say all interns will get hired. One of our goals is to see how many responsibilities an intern can handle; on the chance an employment opportunity becomes available. This isn’t a coffee-fetching, grunt work internship. We trust our interns to handle duties that require the utmost in responsibility, diligence, and enthusiasm.

Tip: When applying for an internship, specify which particular post you’re interested in. Be sure to include why that particular internship post would benefit you professionally, as well as explaining why you would be an asset to our internship program.


  • Internship may be taken for credit or independent of school supervision.

  • Familiarity with Withers Broadcasting and the Cape Girardeau radio market is preferred.

  • Responsibility, good judgment, organization, dependability, initiative, creativity, and efficiency are characteristics that are key to the success of interns. Interns must also have the ability to handle deadlines.


  • Hours vary based on internship type / work schedule / school schedule.

  • Internship will include some weekends

  • Interns are not paid.


During the internship, interns gain exposure to the realities of working in radio and gain exposure to related fields. Interns have the opportunity to prove themselves and determine if radio is a career for them. Interns make friends and contacts that they can network with as they start their career. After interns complete their term at Wither’s Broadcasting, some return to school and share their new experiences. A few become part-time employees. Occasionally, interns obtain full-time positions with Withers Broadcasting. Many interns take their experiences to other media outlets where they begin rewarding careers.

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