Christmas Waltz Dance Lesson

Christmas Waltz Dance with Lesson

Start Celebrating Christmas this Friday December 14th, with Our Christmas Waltz Dance!
DRESS UP this Friday learn to dance the epitome of ballroom dances, the smooth and romantic Waltz.
Music starts at 7:00. Come at 7 and get a little head start instruction from teachers, or just socialize.
Waltz Lesson from 7:30 to 8:30 pm, then mixed social dancing until 10:30 pm. Only $5 cover at the door.
After 9:30, request the kind of dance you want.
The Waltz is a slow, smooth, and greatly enjoyable dance, often chosen for weddings, and very graceful.
Ladies, here is your chance to wear your pretty party dress or gown!
Men, you KNOW ladies love dancing. Its Christmas! Bring your lady to a Ballroom Dance!

A Mixer and Line Dances. No partner needed.

2731 Thomas in the American Legion Hall in Cape.
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For more info: Email for info [email protected]
or call Dan at (480) 857-7286

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