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Want to be an intern at Withers Broadcasting? – Application here!   This page exists to educate you about our program — what internships we offer, what requirements we have, what you might expect in an internship, and how to apply (we’ll even throw in a few helpful tips to make your application stand out!).…read more »

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Mount Vernon (IL) WMIX-AM/FM | WDML | WILY | WRXX | WNSV Marion-Carbondale (IL) WFRX | WDDD | WHET | WTAO | WVZA | WEBQ-AM/FM | WQRL | WISH | WMCL Paducah (KY) WGKY | WREZ | WZZL | WMOK | WRJJ Cape Girardeau (MO) KGMO | WKIB | KREZ | KYRX | KAPE | KJXX Sikeston…read more »

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