Anthrax won’t be performing their string of shows in Europe after all.

The band’s bassist, Frank Bello, explained that their 20 shows in Europe were canceled because of the continent’s financial climate costing Anthrax triple their budget to put on the shows.

Bello told TotalRock, “When I saw the numbers, they were literally triple what they originally started at. We would be coming home at such a loss. You don’t mind a little bit of a loss just to play to the fans, but such a loss — we would have been really bad off for a while. So it didn’t make sense.”

He added, “We did a great UK run. I felt it was a little short, even though we did a lot of places. But I wanna come back and just play the way we should be playing. I know we’re gonna be back, and with a vengeance. So it’s gonna be a lot of fun the next time around. I look forward to playing to all UK and Europe.”

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