Bob Seger and his family were unharmed after a small fire broke out at his house in Orchard Lake, Michigan on Halloween morning (October 31st).

The Detroit News reported the fire in the eight-bedroom, 10-bathroom house, “Was contained to a chimney flue off Seger’s family room. Firefighters broke through some walls and ceilings in order to put out the fire. The home sustained water damage in the family room and a downstairs room that contained a golf simulator, but no injuries were reported from the fire.”

Both Seger and his wife, Juanita, were both home when the fire alarm went off at 6 a.m.

Bob Seger told us that staying near Detroit to live and raise his family proved to be among the best decisions of his life: “I don’t think it was ever really a choice — it was, like, where I lived and where I felt comfortable. By being in Detroit, I was able to keep it in perspective, and just work as much as I could, but also kind of have a life outside of it where I was grounded, and where people put me in my place.”

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