Bruce Springsteen fans will once again be able to secure fully mixed soundboards of every night of the E Street Band‘s 2023 tour. The new live sets will be mixed by fan favorite Jon Altschiller, who’s long been in charge of “The Boss’s” monthly live archival releases.

A message was posted on social media, announcing:

Now through January 1st, audio pre-orders for Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band’s 2023 Tour are heavily discounted on Live Bruce Springsteen! This includes the 31-show U.S. tour that launches in February, and the 31-show European leg that starts in April.

The official tour audio will feature multi-track mixes by Jon Altschiller, and all tour-package pre-orders before the 1st will also receive limited-edition numbered sets.

Guitarist Steve Van Zandt says that unlike other acts, it’s a pleasure for the E Street Band to be able to take risks night-after-night, rather than having to be chained to a set group of greatest hits that need to be performed at every show: “It’s nice not having to rely on early hits, we’ve never really been a pop band, so we’ve never depended on our hit singles. Y’know, we might have had 10, 12 hit singles — really half the time we don’t even play them in the show, y’know? That helps you, kind of keeps it fresh, keeps it new, ’cause we’re playing new stuff, y’know? So mentally, we’re still in the same frame of mind we were when we started, really.”

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