Bruce Springsteen has just issued East Rutherford, NJ – July 18th, 1999 — a special holiday / year-end official bootleg in his ongoing monthly archive series. The concert, which was culled his 1999/2000 reunion tour with the E Street Band, marks the seventh pick from the historic tour, with the previous shows being Philadelphia – September 25th, 1999; Chicago – September 30th, 1999; Los Angeles – October 23, 1999; Anaheim – May 22nd, 2000, New York City – June 27th, 2000; and New York City – July 1st, 2000.

Highlights include the then-recently released Tracks tunes as the opener “I Wanna Be With You” and “Loose Ends” — with the then-new “Land Of Hope And Dreams” dedicated to the Kennedy and Bessette families follwoing John F. Kennedy Jr.’s fatal plane crash. Also included is a take on Jimmy Cliff‘s “Trapped,” the rarely-performed autobiograpical “In Freehold” and the legendary “Glory Days” B-side, “Stand On It.”

Bruce Springsteen looked back on the reunion tour after a decade apart from the band as being one of the most meaningful of his career: “The nicest thing about it was that we were able to reconstitute the band as an ongoing, sort of creative unit, y’know? And I think that it was a great time for all of us — that was a big, big, part of our own lives, y’know? And of our audience’s lives — and we wanted to live up to that thing, and we wanted to continue to serve in the fashion that we served before.”

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