Dave Grohl admitted that over 25 years since the death of his Nirvana bandmate, Kurt Cobain, he’s still working through his suicide. The Nirvana singer, songwriter, and guitarist shot himself to death on April 5th, 1994 in a room above the garage of his Seattle home.

Loudesrsound.com reported Grohl spoke candidly about Cobain in the new BBC documentary, When Nirvana Came To Britain, revealing, “I’m still processing Kurt’s death because I have to explain it to my kids, who love Nirvana. Because for the longest time, I would try to process it and talk about it with friends and family and things like that. . . And they would help me, but now I feel like I have to help my kids go through it. It’s a lifetime of healing.”

He went on to say, “When I first joined the band it was so much fun. I lived on the couch in Kurt’s living room, we rehearsed in a barn, we set up our gear and played those songs and people bounced around and got hot and sweaty. I really loved the connection and the appreciation that Nirvana’s audience had with the band.”

Grohl recently told Classic Rock magazine: “I still have dreams that we’re in Nirvana, that we’re still a band. I still dream there’s an empty arena waiting for us to play. But I don’t sit down at home and run through ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by myself. It’s just a reminder that the person who is responsible for those beautiful songs is no longer with us. It’s bittersweet.”

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic told us that the band has taken on a life of its own in the quarter century since Kurt Cobain’s suicide: “I think since Kurt died things have kind of changed, though. It’s gone a little too far. They’ve deified Kurt, y’know? Because, I remember Nirvana on the In Utero tour, we would play a hockey rink like in Canton, Ohio, and how many people would be there, like 3,500 people? But I’m sure if Nirvana played there now it would be like a total sold-out show, but you can’t be too sure of that, because of the event and what happened.”

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