Dave Grohl played a rare private gig on February 10th at Phoenix, Arizona’s Crescent Ballroom for Crown Royal whiskey. Grohl, who was featured in a Super Bowl ad for the famed Canadian Whisky, performed a four-song set at the invitation-only event, “which was meant to celebrate the hospitality and military communities while working with two of the brand’s long-standing charity partners, CreatiVets and Packages From Home.”

Grohl’s mini-set consisted of acoustic run-throughs of “Times Like These,” “My Hero,” “Best Of You,” and “Everlong.”

Blabbermouth transcribed some of Grohl’s comments to the crowd regarding his and Foo Fighters‘ connection to Crown Royal, stating, “If you’re wondering why I’m here. I’ve had a long and fruitful relationship with Crown Royal. This goes back a long, long time. I’m talking, like, late-’90s, maybe mid-’90s. We went and we hung out with this band called Pantera a long time. If you’ve ever had a night with Pantera, you won’t remember it. But Pantera loved the Crown Royal. And they got us hooked on that Crown Royal.”

Grohl went on to recall, “It got to the point where we started getting the Crown Royal backstage. Then it got to the point where we started bringing that f***ing Crown Royal on the stage with us. Then it got to the point where our audience knew that we loved Crown Royal loved so much that our fans actually f***ing made a cape of the purple bags and sent it to us. So when we were. . . That record — our fourth record — has the song ‘All My Life’ and a bunch of s**t on it. I was wearing that f***ing cape while we were mixing that record. Prized possession.”

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