The extended Beatles clan was in attendance on November 16th in London for the UK premiere of director Peter Jackson‘s The Beatles: Get Back at Cineworld Empire. The 100-minute edit of the six-hour mini-series brought out Paul McCartney and daughter Mary; George Harrison‘s first wife, Pattie Boyd; the “Quiet Beatle’s” son Dhani Harrison; Ringo Starr‘s two sons Zak and Jason Starkey — who brought his two sons; Giles Martin, son of the group’s late-producer George Martin — who is now behind the boards for all the “Fab Four” archival releases.

Dhani Harrison spoke about the Beatles’ infamous Let It Be saga telling, Berkshire Live, “(My father) was always bummed out that this was portrayed in bad light and they were always a bit sad about it and that’s why Peter has been given such a big crack at it. He’s really delivered. Sure, there were arguments, but what you’re going to see is way more of just a band squabbling, and it’s nice. (The documentary) creates a new dynamic, and anyone who gets to see the whole thing will see that the behavior changes and they really come together. He’d be very happy to see what Peter came out with.”

Dhani went on to say, “He did have very cool outfits, I’m not quite up to his level of outfit. There were some pretty bizarre shirts. At one point he puts a bow tie just around his neck without a shirt. (His fashion sense) was pretty awesome, balls to the wall — I don’t fit in his suits, I’m too fat.”

Ringo’s son Jason said before heading into the screening: “It’s going to be great – I haven’t seen (the film) yet. Remember, my dad was the greatest rock n’ roll drummer in the world. The music is great and it always will be great.”

Dhani Harrison admitted that the quality of the Get Back footage, mixed with the intimacy of the subject matter was nothing less than mind-blowing for him: “When you see Peter (Jackson’s) footage all res’d up. . . Me and my mom first saw John singing and I was, like, ‘John had gold teeth?’ (Laughter) Something you don’t think of. Y’know, you see him singing and you can see he’s got a gold crown.”

Peter Jackson’s six-part documentary, The Beatles – Get Back, rolls out over three days, November 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2021, exclusively on Disney+.

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