Foo Fighters‘ first movie Studio 666 has flopped at the box office — despite being the only new movie opening nationwide this past weekend (February 25th to 27th). Box Office Mojo posted the film grossed only $1.58 million from its showings at 2,306 movie screens across North America. When describing the movie to NME, Dave Grohl explained, “It’s kind of like Scooby Doo meets Spinal Tap meets The Evil Dead.”

When pressed as to whether he ever dealt with a real life supernatural experience, Grohl offered up: “I moved into a house in Seattle in 1993. It was a new house built at the edge of a forest and little things started happening: noises, motion detectors going off. That soon ramped up into doors opening on their own or I’d feel like someone was right behind me at all times. Then I had these recurring nightmares where this old woman would be standing looking at me. She was barefoot in a grey sweater and this weird, dirty blue skirt. She was covered in mud and her hair was all f***ed up. It got to the point where I’d hear footsteps in the kitchen…”

Dave Grohl shed light on how the legendary Lionel Richie made his way into Studio 666: “Well Lionel’s scene was written into the script by the screenwriters without them realizing that I actually know that dude. And so when I read the script, I laughed hysterically at that particular scene and picked up my phone and texted him. I said: ‘Hey man, we’re making a horror film – do you wanna be in it?’ and he said: ‘Absolutely my brother.’ I think he was on the set of American Idol when I was texting him. It was pretty f***ing hilarious.”

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