Heart’s Nancy Wilson has started her own management company, Roadcase Management. Billboard reported the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has signed the company’s first client, Portland, Oregon-based singer/songwriter Madisenxoxo.

Wilson touched upon juggling both her rock and new management career, explaining, “I believe rock music still has such a meaningful place in the world and I’m ready to go to bat for the new generation of inspired talent. I want to do this because in today’s world new music needs more of a fighting chance to get through to the fans despite the compartmentalized markets.”

We asked Nancy Wilson what the real impetus is for her and sister Ann to keep recording and touring as Heart: “Maybe it’s fear of the bank (laughs) I don’t know. Fear of working at the bank? Fear of the real world? I think we’re pretty well versed how to do okay in the real world, but you’re not necessarily prepared to live in the real world either when you’ve done this all your life. So I think continuing to do this it (laughs) is a pretty good idea (laughs).”

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