Jon Bon Jovi has tested positive for covid, according to Rolling Stone. The Bon Jovi frontman was set for a “Runaway With JBJ” fan event on Saturday (October 30th), which was to feature “a Q&A session, photo ops, a costume party and an acoustic performance.”

Bon Jovi, who tested positive after a rapid test, is fully vaccinated and said through a rep that although he feels great, he’d would be heading to bed.

Last spring as the pandemic ravaged New York, Jon and Dorothea Bon Jovi started a new food bank to service the East End of Long Island, in an effort to help feed those who have fallen through the cracks due to the coronavirus. A while back, Jon Bon Jovi told CBS that his and Dorothea’s plans to feed people quickly and with dignity came about in a truly organic and altruistic way: “Y’know, it was just something that we developed as a couple, that we just, felt privileged and lucky. . . And then, little by little we created (it) in an official capacity with the foundation. And that evolved into the Soul Kitchen and this culinary program, and the farm. But it wasn’t that we woke up one day and we said, ‘We’re gonna do good!’ This started by doing good.”

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