Kiss manager Doc McGhee revealed to the Talking Metal podcast that the upcoming Kiss biopic, Shout It Out Loud, is gaining steam. McGhee updated fans by explaining, “We have a script that’s completely done. . . The script is about the first four years of Kiss. Basically, it’s before they were famous. And I think it’s a very interesting look at the formation of Kiss, the mindset of how that came about, the social pressure that everybody was (under) in the ’60s and ’70s that brought something like Kiss to the forefront (so) that it could actually happen.”

He went on to say, “It’s a very interesting, and I think it’s a well-written, movie. And our partners right now is Netflix. It’ll be a theatrical release then Netflix. . . I believe before Thanksgiving we’ll be in the casting.”

Over the years, co-founding bassist Gene Simmons has never hidden his feelings about drug use, even when his bandmates were involved. He says that drugs are the number one reason for bands failing to live up to their potential: “I have no sympathy at all for anybody that doesn’t have enough self-respect for themselves and for their bandmates, because when one guy decides that his dalliances with crazy things is more important that the welfare of his band, that guy doesn’t deserve any success. Because a team is a team, and every guy’s gotta carry the weight. You’re only as good as your teammates.”

Kiss performs on Saturday night (September 25th) in Chula Vista, California at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre.

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