Stephen Stills has just released his vintage 1971 live team-up with David Crosby on the late-singer’s “The Lee Shore.” The tune serves as the latest teaser from Stephen Stills Live At Berkeley 1971, the new archival release, which drops on April 28th. Crosby was also on hand that night to join Stills in singing the Crosby, Stills, & Nash favorite “You Don’t Have To Cry.”

The archival release was taped over two nights — August 20th and 21st, 1971 — at Berkeley, California’s Berkeley Community Theater, while supporting his second solo set, Stephen Stills 2.

Stephen Stills said of the new Live At Berkeley 1971 collection, “The intimacy of the Berkeley Community Theater seemed to serve as a focal point between the audience and the energy surrounding the social climate of the day. It was my first tour as a solo artist, and these shows were raucous and unrestrained, captured here in these recordings.”

Not too long ago, Stephen Stills told us that looking back, he’s simply amazed at some of his material which ended up on the cutting room floor: “There is a host of things that was recorded around the time of the second Stephen Stills record. My God, there’s just a couple of things that just thrilled me. But there’s outtakes and alternate takes, and songs that didn’t make the cut that are still sittin’ there in the vault. And except for one particular brand of tape — everything just plays beautifully.”

Stephen Stills and Neil Young will team up on April 22nd for the 2023 “Light Up The Night” benefit at L.A.’s Greek Theatre.

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