Christmas is coming early for die-hard Metallica fans with a new 40th anniversary official ring now on sale. The piece, which is available via, runs $250, and is 100 percent sterling silver featuring the M logo and ninja star. The polished silver ring is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Silver Luthier.

According to the band’s site, “Rings are made to order. Your credit card will be charged when the order is placed, and the ring will be shipped with two-to-four weeks.”

Drummer Lars Ulrich admitted to us a while back that Metallica credits its success to doing things on its own terms: “Metallica, over the years, we kind of float around in our own little bubble. We do things our way, and sometimes we take some chances, and sometimes we play it safe and sometimes we’re on the frontlines and sometimes, y’know, we’re on the second wave or whatever. But we kind of do it, y’know, in our own little bubble.”

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