Neil Young is completely against performing at venues that are fed by factory farms.

During an interview with Canada’s BCB Radio, Young explained his reasoning, which can ultimately affect his ability to tour in the future.

He said, “When I look at the compromise that I would have to make to do that, the things that I don’t believe in, that I’d have to endorse, it doesn’t turn me on.”

Young continued, “I can deal with the power for the venue, I can make it clean. I can make the P.A. clean, the lights clean, the electricity in the building clean. I can clean up all my vehicles. I’ve got the right fuel. I can do all of that. But the food — all those places are fed by factory farms.”

He added, “I can’t support it,” also saying that he would want “good food that has to be clean food, sustainably grown, and presented in a sustainable way.”

He also said, “Unless the venues are clean, and that they work that way, I won’t be there.”

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, factory farming is a form of industrial livestock production that has faced criticism because of its impact on animals and the environment.

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