During a recent radio interview, Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he is still fighting to walk six months after having spinal surgery. He revealed that his inability to get around on stage may affects his 2023 tour.

Ozzy, who is also dealing with Parkinson’s disease, told Yahoo News, “It is so f*cking tough because, I mean, I want to be out there. I want to be doing it. This f*cking surgery this guy did. F*cking hell, you have no idea.”

He continued, “The thing is my head is all right, my creativity is OK, my singing OK but I just can’t f*cking walk much now.”

He went on, “I can’t begin to tell you how f*cking frustrating life has become. It is amazing how you go along in life and one stupid thing can screw everything up for a long time. I have never been ill this long in my life.”

Ozzy is slated to start his No More Tours 2 tour in May 2023.

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