Paul McCartney revealed he’s been recording with producer Andrew Watt — best known for his recent work with Ozzy Osbourne on Patient Number 9, Eddie Vedder on Earthlings, and Elton John on his collaborative covid-based album, The Lockdown Sessions.

During an end of year Q&A on his official website (, the former-Beatle was asked what he was looking forward to in 2023, and said, “Well, I’m going on holiday — I’m definitely looking forward to that! And I’m doing some more recording. I’ve been recording with a couple of people, so I’m looking forward to doing even more. I’ve started working with this producer called Andrew Watt, and he’s very interesting — we’ve had some fun. Beyond that, I don’t have anything massive planned. . . at the moment!”

Over the course of his career Andrew Watt has also produced sessions and albums for Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, One Republic, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, blink-182, Zac Brown Band, and Maroon 5, among others. Watt is also the guitarist for Eddie Vedder’s solo band, the Earthlings.

Having had his work across the decades considered cutting edge, in-favor, out of favor — and back in — Paul McCartney admitted that these days he only writes for himself: “I went through a period of writing for listeners, but I think that’s a bad mistake — ’cause you don’t know who’s really listening anyway. And you sort of write for critics, or, y’know, what you think they’re gonna want. I think it’s a bad idea. I think you’ve gotta write for yourself. I figure, if I like it, there’s a chance they might. If I start to write something I think they’ll like, and I don’t like it — that’s fatal. So I make a point these days of satisfying myself first.”

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