As part of his ongoing Meat Free Monday vegetarian campaign, Paul McCartney has unearthed a collaboration between him and Jeff Beck from back in 1994. The music, performed by the two legends, was originally used the following year as part of McCartney’s Oobu-Joobu syndicated radio series.

McCartney posted on the official website a message about the clip: “With the sad passing of Jeff Beck — a good friend of mine, and a great great guitar player — it reminded me of the time we worked together many years ago on a campaign for vegetarianism. It’s great guitar playing, cause it’s Jeff!”

The clip featuring Beck’s voice-over, “Highlights the damage caused by deforestation to create more land for cattle grazing, as well as some of the harmful knock-on effects from this. On top of the benefits to animals and personal health, there are also many environmental advantages to eating more plant-based meals.”

Jeff Beck died on January 10th from a bacterial meningitis infection at age 78.

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