Although Paul McCartney has reportedly given up smoking pot well over a decade ago, the former-Beatle revealed he’s now growing hemp. “Macca,” who’s been busted for pot no less than five times over the years — with late-wife Linda copping to the grass during a 1975 L.A. traffic bust — spoke about the changes in how things are done today in regard to growing.

McCartney told The Daily Mail: “We’re actually just getting into growing hemp, the funny thing with government regulations is you’ve got to keep it where people can’t see it, because you get all the kids coming in and robbing it!'”

He went on to say, “It’s organic. I went organic over 20 years ago. When I first bought the farm there were some fields where my farm guys would say, ‘There’s no worms in these fields. There’s no life.’ That’s because basically all you did was put on pesticides and then put a fertilizer in. I thought, ‘OK, that’s a challenge, we’re going to go organic.'”

Paul McCartney was last arrested for possession in January 1984 during a family vacation in Barbados, where he purchased some weed on the beach, and was swiftly arrested in his hotel room, having been obviously set up. Upon landing back in Britain, McCartney spoke about it with the press: “Can we get one thing straight — that whatever you think and whatever you think I’ve done — I’m telling you — this substance cannabis is a whole lot less harmful than rum punch, whiskey, nicotine and glue — all of which are perfectly legally. I’d like to see it decriminalized, ’cause I don’t think in the privacy of my own room, I was doing anyone, any harm, whatsoever.”


Paul McCartney has decided to salute his new animated children’s book, Grandude’s Green Submarine, with his monthly Spotify playlist. The 12-song list collects some of McCartney’s best-loved and coolest water-based songs.

The post on his official Paul read: “We’ve gone ‘Deep Deep Down’ to the bottom of the ‘Wine Dark Open Sea’ to search for Nandude ourselves. Grab your scuba gear, magic compass and headphones with the latest Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket playlist — perfect for any submarine; yellow or green.”

Paul McCartney’s “Grandude’s Green Submarine” Spotify playlist for October 2021:

“Deep Down”McCartney III (2020)
“Why So Blue”Memory Almost Full (Bonus Track) – 2007
“Waterfalls”McCartney II (1980)
“Despite Repeated Warnings” Egypt Station (2018)
“Winedark Open Sea” Off The Ground (1993)
“Light From Your Lighthouse” The Fireman Electric Arguments (2008)
“Bridge Over The River Suite” Single (1974)
“Strawberries, Oceans, Ships, Forest”The FiremanStrawberries Oceans Ships Forest
“Too Much Rain”Chaos And Creation In The Backyard (2004)
“Deep Down” – (Blood Orange Remix) – McCartney III Imagined (2021)
“Wanderlust”Tug Of War (1982)

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