Paul McCartney has just uploaded a new 12-song Spotify playlist on his official site. Every month McCartney’s team posts a new Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket tracklist sporting a specific theme — with November tipping its hat to the former-Beatle‘s solo singles.

Set for release on Friday (December 2nd) is McCartney’s new 7-Inch Singles Box. The massive, numbered limited-edition collection, of 80 7-inch singles spanning 1971 to the present was personally supervised by McCartney and contains recreations of 65 singles/promos using restored original artwork from 11 different countries.

One of the highlights on the new playlist and the singles box is “Macca”s 1997 single, “Young Boy,” which was featured on that year’s Flaming Pie album. Paul McCartney recalled that he tried to create a low pressure, organic feel for the Flaming Pie recording sessions: “The atmosphere in the studio, kind of, communicates itself to the listener. Which I, I didn’t really think was true, y’know — but I believe it after this album. I’ve sometimes, just been doin’ a vocal for, like, ever and ever — just tryin’ to get every little note right. But, I’ve been so uptight doin’ that, that when you hear the finished thing, you think, ‘Oh, it’s, it’s good. It’s technically good — but it doesn’t grab me. There’s something. . . He’s not having a good time, or something.’ I really do believe now that that communicates itself, that little special thing.”

Paul McCartney’s November “Singles” playlist:

“Mull Of Kintyre” – 1977
“I’ve Had Enough” – 1978
“Ebony And Ivory” – 1982
“Figure Of Eight” – 1989
“Young Boy” – 1997
“Hope Of Deliverance” – 1992
“Fine Line” – 2005
“Ever Present Past” – 2007
“Queenie Eye” – 2013
“In A Hurry” – 2019
“Find My Way” – 2020
“Women And Wives” – 2020

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