Ringo Starr‘s official MasterClass has launched with the former-Beatle offering “drumming and creative collaboration” to fans online. The site is offering a “buy one now, gift one later, limited 2-for-1 membership offer.” The 10 video lessons total just under two hours.

The final session features a jam with Ringo on drums, Joe Walsh and Toto‘s Steve Lukather on guitars, Eric Clapton bassist Nathan East, keyboardist Jim Cox, along with fellow drummers Gregg Bissonette from the All Starr Band and solo Beatles sideman, Jim Keltner.

For more info, log on to: https://www.masterclass.com/ringostarr

Ringo posted on social media: “Since I was a teenager, I’ve loved playing the drums and making music with other people. It’s what fills my soul. That’s the kind of joy I want you to feel when you play or collaborate with other creators — and what I want to share with you on MasterClass. I’ll take you through my approach to successful collaboration, playing from the heart, and finding your own unique drumming style. Wherever you are on your drumming journey, I want you to love it as much as I’ve loved mine. I hope you’ll come along for the ride!”

During his recent appearance on AXS TV’s The Big Interview With Dan Rather, Ringo was asked about what he made of the legendary big band and jazz drummers that came before him: “People always ask me, ‘Oh what about those drummers in (sic) those records. . .’ I never listened to the drummer. I listened to the whole thing. And yes, I know the names, but it wasn’t like I was listening for the drums. I was listening for the whole feel of the record.”

Not too long ago, Ringo said that it’s his drum fills that set him apart from all the other rock drummers of his generation: “Well, I can never do it twice. I really can’t. Y’know, every fill I do, that’s it. Y’know, we used to get crazy trying to double track the fills — it’s just impossible. ‘Cause, y’know, that’s the magic of being a drummer is the fills. Y’know, you can all play the rhythm. I can play rock n’ roll, or a shuffle, or a waltz, y’know, a tango — whatever. But the fills are what make it yours.”

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