Ringo Starr has released a video for his new cover of “Rock Around The Clock.” Ringo teamed up with brother-in-law and Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh for the new take on Bill Haley & His Comets‘ 1954 classic, which is one of four tunes included on the former-Beatle‘s latest EP, Change The World.

The video, which was filmed at Ringo’s Rockabella West home studio, features Walsh, engineer Bruce Sugar, and longtime Eric Clapton bassist, Nathan East.

We caught up to Ringo and he recalled to usvbeing released from the hospital when he was 15, and while visiting the Isle of Man, he experienced one of his first bonafide rock n’ roll moments: “My grandma and my grandad took me to see the the movie, Rock Around The Clock. And (the theater) was full of, like, crazy, British holiday makers — a little out of their minds. And, I’m sitting there, y’know, I’ve been in the hospital — I didn’t know too much about what’s been going on lately — and they ripped up the cinema! I mean, they just threw the chairs, they ripped ’em out, and I was goin’ ‘Wow! This is great!‘ (Laughs) And that moment is, like, written in my head. I remember the moment like it was yesterday. And anyway, I said, ‘I’m gonna do ‘Rock Around The Clock.'”

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