Out today (November 19th) is, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss‘ long-awaited second album, Raise The Roof. The record, which reunites them with producer T-Bone Burnett, marks the followup to the duo’s 2007 Grammy Award-winning Raising Sand collection that helped bring Americana music into millions of new households.

Plant & Krauss are rolling out a string of public appearances today to publicize the set, with Blabbermouth posting: “Beginning at 1 p.m. EST the indomitable duo joins forces with YouTube to present a global livestream. Backed by an all-star band in Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studios, they will debut a selection of songs from Raise The Roof exclusively for audiences on the platform. The special event will be hosted simultaneously on the official Plant and Krauss YouTube channels.”

The pair will also be interviewed today by CBS’ Anthony Mason, and then appear tonight on the network’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, before being featured on CBS Saturday Morning tomorrow.

During a chat with People, Robert plant spoke about what connects him and Alison Krauss artistically: “We’re just good. I think we are determined and gritty. We like the idea of seeing things straight down the line, no fluffy stuff. So if we don’t get it right, we have to move on. And we’re friends, really good friends, so we can reach a ‘no’ really quickly if it’s not feeling right. . . We’ve got our own individual strengths, and it’s a miracle that they can ever meld. But they do. In the beginning it was difficult, because I wasn’t used to being tutored and, ‘Why don’t you do it like this?’ And I just thought, ‘Oh, baby!'”

Not too long ago, Robert Plant shed light on what propels his collaboration with Alison Krauss: “The great thing is — there’s so much heart. That’s the great thing. I feel so hearty. Y’know, that’s really quite something with all the, kind of, life I’ve had and the adventures. Y’know, it isn’t exactly what Alison’s used to — it’s certainly not what I’m used to — and T-Bone is, kind of, he’s just like the magician moving it around. It’s great, yeah.”

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will join the Eagles as part of a double-bill massive open-air show set for June 26th, 2022 at London’s Hyde Park. The concert is part of next year’s American Express presents BST Hyde Park series, which plays on the grounds over two weekends next summer.

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