Sammy Hagar claims there’s no feud between him and David Lee Roth. Hagar, who’s currently playing a new Las Vegas residency with the Circle, spoke about his former band to local radio station KKLZ, and admitted prior to Eddie Van Halen‘s death last year — he and the legendary guitarist were hoping all past and current members of Van Halen would join forces for a massive “kitchen sink” tour.

Hagar was so excited at the prospect that he and the then-ailing Van Halen were keeping their personal reconciliation a secret until they could officially announce the reunion dates: “Y’know, I never talked about it because we had an understanding. We weren’t gonna talk about it, we were gonna save it, make a whole bunch of noise, y’know, like last year was supposed to be. But it never happened. It’s a shame, ’cause it was the big one. ‘Plan was to go out with all of us and, y’know, Wolfie (Van Halen) opening, and all that kind of stuff. That would’ve been so awesome. Y’know, I dreamt that from when I was in the band, I was open-minded to that.”

Regarding mending fences with David Lee Roth, Hagar was open and honest about where the two stand with each other: “There’s no forgiveness even necessary because there’s nothing to forgive. Him and I don’t even have a feud. To be honest with ya, I don’t know what he’s got going with me, but I think he always feels competitive. Y’know, he feels like he has to, y’know, raise his flag, like, ‘I’m Van Halen!’ I had a solo career before Van Halen. Y’know, I was in Montrose before Van Halen. I’ve had Chickenfoot. So, Dave has got Van Halen. I think he has to hold on to that kind of tight. But I don’t care about that. If someone said, ‘Oh, I never knew you was (sic) in Van Halen,’ I’d say, ‘Eh. . . (laughs) So what?'”

Out now is Sammy Hagar & The Circle’s “Lockdown Sessions” album titled, Lockdown 2020, which features all the tunes the band recorded in quarantine and posted online since the pandemic hit.

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