Sting is back today (November 19th) with The Bridge, his 15th solo album and first set of new music since his and Shaggy‘s 2018 Grammy Award-winning studio collaboration, 44/876. Sting will appear this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Sting told us that due to pandemic, which forced him and band off the road mid-tour, The Bridge came as a way to survive the shutdown: “I got my crew and myself back home to England and said, ‘Well, now what? Okay — we’ll just move the cycle. I’ll just go in the studio.’ So, I’d start at 10 in the morning and work through dinner every day, and that kept me sane. My heart went out to people who couldn’t do that, who were stuck in a high rise with three kids and no work. That must’ve been virtually impossible. So I was very fortunate.”

Although by no means a concept album, Sting maintains that the songs on The Bridge have a common thread: “When I realized, when I looked at them all individually, they were connected somehow; they were all about characters in transition. All of the characters were looking for a bridge to the future that was somewhere different, somewhere safer, somewhere happier. And I think the whole planet is looking for a bridge at the moment. I am. It’s such an anxious time. So ‘The Bridge’ seemed a useful metaphor that would resonate with people.”

Sting performs on Saturday and Sunday (November 20th and 21st) in Greensboro, North Carolina with the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra at the Steven Tanger Center.

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