Although Tears For Fears are receiving raves for their latest album and seventh studio set, The Tipping Point, the road was long and hard to get it done. Primary songwriter Roland Orzabal told us that the band actually scrapped an entire album before starting from scratch to get the proper songs completed.

Orzabal revealed that it was typical record company interference that that threw them off track: [“The message is, of course, is ‘I don’t really trust you. You’re a heritage act so, we really need to really’ — This is a, kind of, classic record company ploy. I mean, they even do it with Paul McCartney: ‘We’re going to stick you with Beck. That marriage is going to get you the audience.’ So, we did that for a long time and we did a lot of songs in that vein. Working with other people. We would quite often walk into their studio and they’d already have a pre-prepared backing track, which sounded like one of our old songs. We actually finished that album — 12 tracks — with 10 attempts at a modern hit single.”] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC. . . modern hit single)

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