The Beatles are back in the Top Five of the Billboard 200 with their Super Deluxe version of their classic album Revolver. Back on September 10th, 1966, Revolver became the “Fab Four’s” ninth American Number One album, hitting the top spot on September 10th, 1966 and staying at Number One for six weeks.

It was replaced at Number One by the Supremes‘ one-and-only original chart-topping album, Supremes A’-Go-Go.

With Revolver only days old and speaking during the Beatles’ final tour in August of ’66, Paul McCartney spelled out how the group’s studio work had already taken precedence for them: “We are more interested, really, in making music than we are in actually performing it. Because we’re not very good performers, y’know? We haven’t ever been able really do what we’ve been able to do on records on the stage. And also, when we play these big concerts, it gets a bit more impossible each time to, sort of, get over to the people what you’re trying to get over. So, we’re tending till we get this over on records, y’know, and the (laughs) lyrics and songs. I think that’s getting a bit more important and I hope it does go on for as long as you like.”

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