With the Eagles now on the road minus guitarist/vocalist Deacon Frey, his bandmates are divvying up his vocal spotlights throughout the show. Deacon — the son of the band’s late co-founder Glenn Frey — has been a part of the band since 2017. He’s sitting out of the band’s current shows under doctor’s orders due to an unspecified illness.

With Deacon sidelined, Vince Gill is now taking the lead on “Take It Easy” and “Already Gone” and bassist Timothy B. Schmit now handles vocals on “Peaceful Easy Feeling.”

Vince Gill told us that he accepted the gig touring with the Eagles with absolutely no preconceived notions and was willing and eager to tackle whatever the band needed from him: “I hope I made it easy for them, because I knew going in what the chair called for. And I’m professional enough to understand my role bein’ in the band — and what they needed was a singer. They had plenty of great guitar players and they didn’t have to shove a bunch of guitar things my way to make me happy or — it never even came up. I just think all this is part of the journey and not knowing where the journey was gonna to go has been the best part.”

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