The Rolling Stones have issued the lyric video to the latest teaser from the band’s upcoming “Super Deluxe” edition of 1981’s Tattoo You, which drops on October 22nd. This time out, the band has released its long-bootlegged — but previously unreleased — cover of the Chi-Lites‘ 1971 track, “Troubles A’ Comin’.”

The new version included on the set’s Lost And Found bonus disc, which sports a new Mick Jagger lead vocal, keyboards, percussion on lead guitar by Ron Wood, was originally tracked during the 1979 sessions for the following year’s Emotional Rescue album.

Around the time of Tattoo You’s release, Keith Richards spoke about the Stones undying love of R&B: “Everyone in the band is very well grounded in that area of music, because that is at one time all that we used to play, y’know, faithfully (laughs), y’know? It was heresy to play anything else for a long time, y’know? After all the Stones’ ambition as far as it went when it started, was three or four good pub gigs around London, and play rhythm & blues. But we couldn’t see it getting any bigger than three or four back rooms of pubs, y’know?”

The Rolling Stones next perform on October 4th at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field.

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