Out today (October 14th) is Todd Rundgren latest album, Space Force. Special guests on the new set include Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, Crowded House‘s Neil Finn, Thomas Dolby, Steve Vai, the Lemon Twigs, the Roots, Sparks, Adrian Below, and Weezer‘s Rivers Cuomo, among others.

Todd Rundgren told us that the unique approach he took in writing the songs is what sets Space Force apart from the rest of his catalogue: “I want the record to be, kind of, like a collection of singles. It’s all songs that may have never been finished, but for the fact that I hit up some artists and said, ‘You got an old demo or a song that you got started but you can’t finish? I’ll put new ears to it and maybe a record’ll happen.’ And that’s what most of Space Force is about. It’s me being more of a producer in some ways than, than an artist.”

The tracklisting to Todd Rundgren’s Space Force is:

“Puzzle” – with Adrian Belew
“Down With The Ship” – with Rivers Cuomo
“Artist In Residence” – with Neil Finn
“Godiva Girl” – with The Roots
“Your Fandango” – with The Roots
“Someday” – with Davey Lane
“I’m Not Your Dog” – with Thomas Dolby
“Espionage” – with Narcy
“STFU” – with Rick Nielsen
“Head In The Ocean” – with Alfie Templeman
“I’m Leaving” – with The Lemon Twigs
“Eco Warrior Goddess” – with Steve Vai

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