U2 is back with its first new song since 2019. Pitchfork reported the track, “Your Song Saved My Life,” will be featured in the animated musical feature, Sing 2, which opens on December 22nd. Bono voiced the film’s character “Clay Calloway,” who is described as “a reclusive lion rock star.”

“Your Song Saved My Life” — which is included on the original motion picture soundtrack — is U2’s first original release since their 2019 team-up with A.R. Rahman on “Ahimsa.”

Bono explained that at the end of the day it’s the connection between his music and the listeners that makes it matter: “That is, y’know, (laughs) my drug of choice. That’s for me, the thing. I cannot believe you hear this melody line in your head and you, sort of, take it down and you find words for it and arrangement for it — and the next thing y’know, you can be in a car in Tokyo, and it’s on the radio. That’s really my, my drug of choice. And songs are everything, really, to us.”

The Edge told us a while back that U2 has always tried to remain adventurous with the way they make music together: “I joke about it, but people really have to be on their toes to make it happen. When it becomes too easy, I think it just sounds that way, and the easy thing is just so unappealing. I mean, Rock n’ roll has to have that sense of people really kind of working at the extent of their abilities and urgency. It gives it a certain feeling.”

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