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Wake up with Steve Thomas and the Morning Drive, Monday-Friday AND Saturdays starting at 5:00 AM on 100.7 KGMO! Join Steve as he gets you through that drive to work. You’ll hear the always funny Earl Pitts, News of the Truly Bizarre and of course big classic rock blocks. You can be apart of the fun and play Road Warrior Trivia.


A bit about Steve:


Hometown: Wayne, WV

Favorite 100.7 KGMO Artists:

Favorite Movies: The Wedding Singer, Super Troopers, The Fifth Element, Starship Troopers, Shawshank, a  lot of 80’s movies like Valley Girl and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  There are a lot I’m leaving off the list… so sorry.

Favorite TV Shows: Big Bang Theory, Justified, Suits, NCIS, and of course The Walking Dead!

Favorite Actor: Adam Sandler

Favorite Actress: Don’t know that I have a favorite.

Favorite Foods: Steak… medium, Ham and Cheese Omelets with hash browns (with ham and onions), and Cheese Burgers from my grill.

Favorite Drink: Rock Star, Mountain Dew (I’m a caffeine junkie!), and oddly Brisk Sweet Tea (That’s Brisk Baby!)

What’s In My CD Player: That’s a complicated question… pass.

Favorite Sports Team(s): I’m a New York Yankees fan, but since Jeter retired I am kind of a free agent.  I like the Dodgers (because of Mattingly) but couldn’t name 3 players off the team.  In the NFL I like Denver Broncos because of #18. Of course I always cheer on Marshall University… GO HERD!

My Name If I Were Famous Would Be:  What… I am famous! lol

What Did I Do Before Radio: Went To College (Marshall University)

If I Wasn’t In Radio I’d Be: Living in a van down by the river!  That’s a good quote too.

My Most Prized Possession is: If I told you, you might break into my house and try to steal it!

What do you like to do in your spare time?:  I try to enjoy every minute of free time I’ve got.  I spend a lot of time with my wife and kids just hangin around the house.  I love going on vacation, especially to the beach (Myrtle Beach is my fav for a fun family trip).  Otherwise, just tryin to chill.